RinCon 2023 has ended
Let’s get KRAKEN with RinCon!  We’ve now posted all the events that the amazing members of our crew (that’s you!) have submitted, so go ahead and build your schedule.  As you do, be sure to use the same email to log in to this site that you used to purchase your tickets on Eventbrite.

This year, we’ll be leaving this site open for sign-ups throughout the event, so you’ll be able to sign up here to play games all weekend, and you’ll check in at the beginning of each session when you sit down to play.
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Friday, June 23

11:00am MST

12:00pm MST

1:00pm MST

2:00pm MST

3:00pm MST

4:00pm MST

5:00pm MST

6:00pm MST

7:00pm MST

8:00pm MST

ArtemisLIMITED Board Room Artemis Dynamite NurseLIMITED BG 33 Savage: A Game of SurvivalLIMITED BG 05 Texas Hold'em with ZombiesLIMITED BG 28 Play-to-Win Games (Open Gaming)LIMITED Library Car Wars 6EFILLING BG 12 EarthFULL BG 35 EncyclopediaFILLING BG 18 Feed the KrakenLIMITED BG 30 GIANT games - freeplay!LIMITED Giant Games Concordia: SalsaFULL BG 10 Glen More IIFULL BG 11 Underwater CitiesFULL BG 09 Wingspan (7 Player Flock)FILLING BG 17 Trailblazer: the Arizona Trail w/CreatorLIMITED BG 14 Indie RPG ArcadeLIMITED Adventures in Board Gaming: Play-to-learn BGs BG 38 Honey BuzzFILLING BG 21 Power Grid: Brazil mapLIMITED BG 37 Uwe Rosenberg Tile-Laying Fun FestFULL BG 13 A Dangerous Venture (Legends of Kralis Play with Creator)LIMITED RPG10 AvatarFILLING RPG02 Avatar Legends RPGFULL RPG01 Call of Cthulhu: Grace Under PressureLIMITED RPG12 Operation Republic Legacy Part 1 - Tactical InsertionFULL RPG05 Pathfinder Society Scenario #1-03: Escaping the GraveLIMITED RPG14 Pathfinder Society Scenario #4-12: Negotiations for the Star GunLIMITED RPG15 Savior of Hollow OakLIMITED RPG10 Table 2 Grace Under Presure RPG13 Under a Blood Red MoonFULL RPG17 Zombie WorldFULL RPG18 A Crack in the Stars w/CreatorFULL RPG03 Dystopian Dawn w/CreatorLIMITED RPG07 Go Action Fun Time - The Shallow Deep w/CreatorLIMITED RPG06 Han Cluster: Reunification w/CreatorFULL RPG11 Pirate's Life w/CreatorLIMITED RPG08 The Judas Priest - A Fantasy Rescue Mission w/CreatorLIMITED RPG04 James Ernest's Pirate Pub w/CreatorLIMITED BG 40 (KT/PP)

9:00pm MST

10:00pm MST

11:00pm MST


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